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The school was established in the year 1948 as a committee school run by the committee appointed teacher at Upper Bermiok commonly known as Budhabarey. The same school was undertaken by HRDD of the state Government Sikkim as Primary School in 1965. The school was upgraded to Junior High in 1984 and was further upgraded to Secondary School in 1998 by the Government of Sikkim.
The final upgradation to Senior Secondary School was done in 2018 and presently serves as the Complex School for six feeder schools.
The Bermiok Madam Sr.Sec. School comprises the three buildings, one is under HRDD, one is under SSA head and the last is under RMSA head besides that school has one temporary building for Mid Day meal kitchen and the separate lavatories for boys and girls students. It is matter of happiness that school has nine sided football and volley ball ground near to the main building for the sports activities. Each building has the wide and extended class rooms and total numbers of such rooms are 16 in which total language classes are included.

Children Enjoying Mid-day meal
Staffs & Studentss
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